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When you sign up with CompuPays, Inc. for payroll services, you will receive a complete payroll package each pay period. Inside you’ll find processed payroll checks ready for signature or direct deposit paystubs along with essential management reports including:

• Payroll Summary detailing gross & net figures
• Check Register
• Deduction Reports
• PTO, Vacation & Sick Time Reporting
• Tax Deposit Notifications

Submit payroll totals in the format that fits your needs phone, fax, email or text.


Federal, State Tax deposits - We compute and advise you of your federal & state tax liabilities and draft the tax deposits through EFTPS electronic drafting directing from your operating account. We complete and file all the appropriate quarterly and annual reporting on your behalf.


Federal & State Unemployment Taxes (FUTA & SUTA) - We compute your Federal & State Unemployment Taxes and pay your quarterly tax deposits through EFTPS electronic drafting as well as completing annual reporting on your behalf.


We sincerely look forward to working with you and your staff to be that strong support team being the Business Behind Your Business.



Barbara Blackburn Boner



Member of the APA.
Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification.


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